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We are dedicated to helping you improve your medication adherence.
Medication Synchronization

Consistently taking the necessary medications is important in improving or maintaining one’s health. However, a lot of factors contribute to low medication adherence, which include memory problems, mobility constraints, and busy schedules. To help you and your loved ones have better outcomes, we have taken the hassle out of having to fill your prescriptions over and over again.

Through medication synchronization, you can have your prescriptions automatically refilled at the same time each month. This way, you and your family will never forget to get your new stock of medicines.

Adherence Programs

Adherence is one of the biggest obstacles to improved patient health.

Not taking your medication as prescribed can prevent you from getting better. Our dedicated adherence team will help you monitor your prescribed therapy to ensure you understand your medication and are taking it properly.

To know more about the medication synchronization services of Willowbrook Pharmacy/Compounding, do not hesitate to contact us.